Gregory Hilton

1956 Born in Texas, USA
Studied Painting, Printmaking, Photography and Art History at North Texas

1975 Studied Etching at Joan Agib Studio in Vienna, Austria and painting in London 1977 Moved to New York City, Lived and worked in Manhattan
2014 Moved to Osaka, Japan. currently has a studio in Minamihorie,Osaka


2019 Robot Drawings at LADS Gallery. Osaka, Japan.
2017 One man show at Ashiya Shrine
2017! One man show at Art Spot Korin in Kyoto
2015! One man show at Dojima River Forum Gallery in Osaka, Japan
2011! Ghost Shadows Exhibition at Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York City
2011! Ghost Shadows Exhibition at Dadapost in Berlin, Germany
2010! One man show at Dojima River Forum Gallery in Osaka, Japan
2009! Installations at Dadapost Gallery in Berlin, Germany
2009! Wax sculptures in collaboration with Aris de Bakker, Denhaag, Holland
2008! Group Exhibition at Galerie de Spanjaardshof, Denhaag, Holland
2007! Group Exhibition at Catherine Van Salderan Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E.
2006! Group Exhibition at Amy Simon Gallery, Westport, Conneticut
2005! Group Exhibition at Paradigm Art Space, New York City
2003! Behind The Green Door Group Exhibition, New York City
2002! TakeHeartJuriedGroupExhibition,MPIProductionsInc.NewYorkCity
2002! Drawing Center 25th Anniversary Benefit Selections Exhibition, New York City 2002! Paradigm Art Space Group Exhibition, New York City
2001! One man show at 288 Elizabeth Street Gallery, New York City
2001! “Factor 44” group show, Antwerp, Belgium
2001! “Under Construction” De Branderij Gallery Antwerp, Belgium !
2000! One man show at Axel Raben Gallery, New York City
2000! “Hindenberg” sculptures in collaboration with Aldert Manje, Amsterdam, Holland 2000! “Hilton Room”collaboration & installation with Aldert Manie, Amsterdam, Holland 2000! “ Tom & Jerry’s Installation” at 288 Elizabeth Street Gallery,New York City
1998! One man show at San Lorenzo Gallery, New York City
1998! “Faneli Show” at OK Harris Gallery, New York City
1997! “End of Contempt” at 288 Elizabeth Street Gallery, New York City
1995! “Heaven Group Show” at Trenkman Gallery,New York City
1994! “Selection #47 Group Show”The Drawing Center, New York City
1992! “The Prisoners of Art” Group Show at the Police Building, New York City
1983! International Print Show, Taipei National Palace Museum, Taiwan
1982! International Group Show of Prints, travelling exhibition, Hamilton College, NY 1982! TheBrooklynMuseum,printpurchase,thepermanentcollection
1981! AssociatedAmericanArtistsrepresentedinthecollection
1981! “Prints USA” Purchase Award, Pratt Graphics Center, New York City
1981! One man show at Gallery Klange, Osaka, Japan
1977! Gallery Ariadne, Vienna, Austria
1976! Houston Museum of Contemporary Art